Current Programs & Projects

View this 2.5 minute video for student comments and reflections on participating in the college's SREP Program.

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Documents to accompany the presentation at the TCU Conclave: Embedding Behavioral Health/Health-Related Research Knowledge & /skills into the Curriculum : Establishing a Bachelor's Degree Program in Public Health

Description by Dr. Garrison of how Diné Education Philosophy values and concepts were used in the creation of the College's Public Health Curriculum

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Brochure describing the academic programs and research/outreach projects of the Diné College Public health Program

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Degree Checklist of all of the required courses and alternatives for the BS Degree in Public Health

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Flyer of the public health courses offered at Diné College Fall 2018

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Courses to be offered in Spring 2019 for the Public Health Program

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 Brochure for 2019 Summer Research Enhancement Program

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Article describing the competencies that graduates of undergraduate public health programs should master.

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Most recent biosketch