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Dine College Research

6/15/2020: Whew, it's been 6 years since I've updated this! During this time I've received the Chairship of the Science Department, 2014 to 2018. Also I participated in four grant programs as PI: 2015-2021: the 2.5 million TCUP (Tribal College and Univers...

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Courses taught at Dine College

6/15/2020: To bring this up to date, I have started three BS programs at the College and as Chair of the Science Department, have organized the teaching of these new upper division courses, in addition to coordinating and planning all the instruction of a...

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6/15/2020: I've posted the contents of my most recent CV in the section above, but this blog section has not changed since I posted it in 2014, except that we have started a ranking system at the College, to be inline with University structure, and I am n...

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