The Dine' College Institutional Review Board will meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. All Research Proposals must be submitted at least one week before a regularly scheduled IRB Meeting.


Submit all required materials to:

Dr. Andrea Christelle

Vice Provost for Research


Dr. Suzanne L. Russ

Chair - Diné College IRB


Members of the Dine College Institutional Review Board include:

  • Dr. Christine Ami, DC Faculty (SBSS)
  • Dr. Mark Bauer, DC Faculty (STEM)
  • Dr. Roger P. Benally, DC Faculty (SBSS)
  • Dr. Thomas Bennett, DC Shiprock Campus Interim Director
  • Dr. Perry H. Charley, Community Member
  • Dr. Herman Cody, DC Faculty (Teacher Education)
  • Dr. Shazia Tabassum-Hakim, DC Faculty (STEM)
  • Mr. Frank Morgan, Community Member
  • Dr. Suzanne Russ, Chair. DC Faculty (SBSS)
  • Dr. James Tutt, DC Faculty and Dean (STEM)


The list of items you will need to submit include the following (see IRB Procedures Manual for detailed instructions and information):

  • Proposal Form
  • Protocol
  • Research instruments (questionnaires, interviews, etc.)
  • Informed Consent documents
  • When applicable, IRB Supplemental forms related to research activities involving special populations
  • Certificate demonstrating completion of “Human Subjects Research Training” for each member of the research team, including students. 
  • Student PIs must also submit a description of their roles and responsibilities in the project, the roles and responsibilities of their instructor(s), mentor(s), or advisor(s), and the procedures that are in place to ensure proper mentorship. If the student-led project is funded or is part of a mentor/advisor’s larger program of research and scholarship, the student PI must also describe the contribution that the student-led project makes to the larger program of research