PLEASE BE ADVISED. Loaner Laptops and Hotspots are now due for return

Hello, students,

Another reminder to those of you who have checked out equipment. If you are NOT continuing on to the Summer 2022 semester, it is now imperative that you return loaner equipment (laptop and/or hotspots) to DC Centers and Campuses.

Please plan to do so immediately. Please contact the center to find out their hours and schedule a drop off time. Here are the numbers to call:

Chinle Center


DC Extension: 7100

Shiprock Branch


DC Extension: 3544

Tuba City Center


DC Extension: 7500

Crownpoint Center


DC Extension: 7200

Tsaile Campus


DC Extension: 6675

Window Rock Center


DC Extension: 7600

The demand by new students is high and the program can only continue if all loaners are returned for another student to use. Your cooperation is absolutely necessary.

If the equipment assigned to you is not returned, your college account will be charged the value of the equipment. Your cooperation is vital.

Thank you so very much for your cooperation!

Information Technology Dept (928) 724-6675


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Innovation Survey  

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Thank you,

The Innovation Team