Once again, Diné College is gearing up for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association peer-review visit. The HLC peer-review visit will take place March 23-24, 2015. Your collaboration is vital to the success to this visit.  

This HLC Assurance Argument process is an opportunity for us to “tell our story” in a report in which we formally evaluate our student learning outcomes, the services we provide, our operations, and how we use data and other measures of effectiveness to improve the College. The Assurance Argument document highlights the many accomplishments that Diné College has achieved over the past few years, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. As we move forward to the next phase of this very important process and prepare for the visit from the peer-review team, I want to thank everyone for their dedication to Diné College and our students. I believe our theme for the HLC visit reflects our collective commitment to ongoing review and advancement in meeting the needs of our many stakeholders - our students, our partners, our community members, and our Governing Board.

I am very pleased with the work of the Co-Chairs (Mr. James McKenzie and Dr. Herman Peterson) of the Higher Learning Commission Comprehensive Visit 2015 (HLC CV15) Steering Committee, including the leadership of all the key personnel during this process. The efforts involved in completing the Assurance Argument process will assist in providing a roadmap for Diné College faculty and staff as we continue to build excellence in our educational indoctrination, our student support services, and throughout our institution. I am asking everyone in our College Community to work together to ensure that the HLC visit concludes with a positive outcome for Diné College.

Dr. Maggie George, President