Basic Computer Skills

Basic Skills
Getting started with your first computer
How to use your computer's built-in help
Undo your mistakes
Downloading & uploading

Setup and Maintenance
How to set up a Wi-Fi network
How to update your software
What to do if your computer gets a virus
How to power cycle a device
Disable applications from running on startup
How to keep an old computer running smoothly

Installing and Uninstalling
Installing software on your Windows PC
Uninstalling software on your Windows PC
Installing software on your Mac
Uninstalling software on your Mac

Windows Basic
Navigating Windows
Working with Files
Finding Files on Your Computer
Common Computer Tasks
Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows
Opening Files with Different Applications
Working with Flash Drives
Troubleshooting Basic Problems
Taking Screenshots

All About Windows 7
Exploring Windows 7
Getting started with Windows 7
Finding Your Files with Search and Libraries

All About Windows 8
Windows 8.1 Features
Getting Started with Windows 8
Using OneDrive with Windows 8
FUsing the Search Feature
Managing your files and folders
Downloading Apps from the Windows Store
Opening Your Files with Different Apps

Internet 101
What is the Internet
How is the Internet Used?
Getting Started with the Internet
Understanding hyperlinks
Understanding URLs
Connecting to the Internet
Browser Basics
Choosing a Web Browser
Search Engines and Strategies

Internet Safety
Introduction to Internet Safety
Passwords: The First Step to Safety
Protecting Your Computer from Internet Threats
Email Tips for Scams and Spam
Staying Safe while Browsing
Protecting Your Financial Transaction
Smart Social Networking and Communication Tip
Cyberharassment, Stalking, and Addiction
Wireless and Mobile Device Safety