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Connecting to Diné College Wireless (WiFi)

Computers, Laptops, iPad and Some Tablets
Diné College provides wireless network access to all active students, faculty, staff and authorized guests.  Wireless Access is available at all Diné College sites and in all academic buildings.  For the purpose of security and accountability, individuals utilizing the Diné College network are required to register first.  Wireless registration allows users to automatically connect to a wireless network on campus without having to repeatedly sign in.

Users are expected to secure their machines when they are using wireless network services.  Computers must have active antivirus software.  We reserve the right to block or disconnect non-compliant computers from the Diné wireless network.  Users using the wireless network should also use secure remote access procedures, i.e., passwords should never be disclosed to anyone or shared.

If you have any WIFI issues, question or to register your device, please contact the IT Department. 


  • Current Course Schedule or Student/Employee ID Card
  • WarriorID and Password
  • Computers must have active antivirus software
  • Allowed to register only two (2) devices

Smart Phones, iPhones, iPods, Gaming Devices, Apple TV, Smart Devices
Are not allowed to connect to the wireless network.

Note: Printing from a personal devices at public printers from the wireless network is not provided at this time.  To print, users must log on to one of the computers in the public labs.

Warning: Diné College is not liable for the consequences of wireless network use in any way, including the transmission of computer viruses, loss of data or e-mail, or any harm resulting from the use of an unsecured network server or network access point.