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Warrior Login - Username

All Diné College students, faculty and staff are provided a WarriorID.  A WarriorID is your "username" that you use to access Diné College technology resources:

All Diné College faculty, staff and registered students are eligible for a WarriorID.

Required: Employee or Student ID Card, New Employee Hire Checklist or Current Course Schedule is required to verify your identity.  This is so that we can protect your account from fraudulent use.

How To Get Your WarriorID
Bring your Employee or Student ID, New Employee Hire Checklist or Current Course Schedule to verify your identity.  This is so that we can protect your account from fraudulent use.


First Time Login:
You are required to create your own personal password.  We cannot read or retrieve your previous password.  IT can reset to a default password, and you will then have to change the password to something only you will know.  IT cannot reset your password over the phone.  The password must be changed every 180 days for security purpose.  You will start getting an email message 14 days, then 7 days, 5 days and 2 days prior to the expiration of your password AND when you attempt to login on a PC within the Colleges' network, you would get a message to change your password or it will expire.  For Macintosh users an automatic reminders are sent by email.  To be able to reset your password, the user would have to be within the College's network and on the College's PC (within a campus or center).  You can reset your password online remotely after the initial setup of the challenge questions in WarriorWeb.


Your Password:
  1. Consist of 8 to 24 characters
  2. Contain at least three of these 4 criterions:
  • Lowercase letters: (a-z)
  • Uppercase letters: (A-Z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Symbols: (!@#$%^&*, etc.)
  1. NOT be the same as your WarriorID
  2. NOT Contain Spaces
  3. NOT Contain words that are easily identified or deciphered
Password Management:
Password Management Solution enable remote users to change or reset their password without having to visit a center to do so.

You will need to answer the three (3) Modify Challenge Questions. Please click on each of the three pull down arrows to choose from the lists of challenge questions, and also supply unique answers as they pertain to you. These answers will help you retrieve, change and reset your password in case you ever forget it. After selecting the challenge questions and supplying your answers, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed. If you do not wish to select the challenge questions and supply the answers at the time, you may click the ‘Later’ button to proceed but understand that you will see this screen every time you log in to warrior web until you pick and respond to the challenge questions.

Upon Completion you should be logged on to WarriorWeb. Please contact IT if you encounter any problem while going through the process.