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There are several ways to check Dine College Voice mail.  

If you are off-campus,  dial 928-724-6666.  If in the local Tsaile area, dial 724-6666.  For Shiprock subscribers dial 505-368-3666.  
You will be prompted to ‘Enter your ID, followed by #’.  PLEASE NOTE that the system recording starts out early and is usually cut off (you will most likely hear ‘…ID, followed by #’).  The ID is your  four-digit extension number.  
Please enter your extension and #, then enter your password and #.  You should now be logged into your  Voice Mail account as if you were physically at your own desk phone.

If you are at another College site  and wish to check your VM messages (Ex: you are visiting Tuba City Center and you are stationed in Tsaile) you can simply dial  x1000.   When you hear the recording, press the * button. You will be asked to enter your ID (your extension) followed by #.   Enter your password and # and you will be able to retrieve messages.  

All Tsaile and the Center subscribers,  dial the 928-724-6666 to access VM.  Shiprock subscribers dial 505-368-3666.